Meme, my Argentine grandmother, had a Kodak Instamatic with a Magicube flash that she pulled out at the least provocation.

When I grew up, I became the keeper of the family camera. I documented my children’s lives at home and with friends. And I even took them to a portrait studio once.

But only once. They didn’t look like my live wire kids with a fake background and static pose.

Instead, I worked on my photography skills. Over time, I went from photographing my kids to shooting images for travel blogs, and eventually began selling my editorial images on multiple agencies.

My all time favorite photo of my son and daughter is one where they’re stomping in mud puddles on our front lawn. They’re soaking wet, messy, and they both have ear to ear grins.

I wouldn’t change a thing about that picture, except perhaps to wish there were a couple of shots that include me.

That’s what I offer other moms, a chance to be a part of that special moment where we capture the joy and love of family.

Sandra Foyt is based in Albany, NY. She serves the Capital District region, and takes travel requests.


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