Sandra FoytHi! I’m Sandra Foyt.

I help influencers tell their stories.

The days of amassing 10K followers on Instagram with random selfies are long gone. Now you want top quality images and unique story angles to stand out from the crowd. And you need to connect on an emotional level to engage followers and create community.

As a travel blogger with nearly ten years experience crafting posts and promotions, I have an eye for what works on social media. And I know how to get those photo-driven stories fast.

I can help capture your best self, quickly and efficiently, so that you can get back to doing what you love.

I’m a storyteller, roadtripper, and award-winning photographer.

A veteran of many cross-country road trips, I drove Route 66, the Lincoln Highway, the fossil freeway, the extraterrestrial highway, and even “the loneliest road in America.”

I share my travels on, a travel blog on weekend getaways with a twist.

My editorial photography is available to download from the following stock agencies:

And I’m available to reveal YOUR STORY through personal brand photography.