About Me

Sandra Foyt poses with Nikon DSLR and telephoto lens in snow covered woods near Troy NY.

“Authenticity starts in the heart.”

Brian D’Angelo

Sandra Foyt is a storyteller, road trip junkie, and award-winning travel photographer. A veteran of many cross-country road trips, she drove Route 66, the Lincoln Highway, the fossil freeway, the extraterrestrial highway, and even “the loneliest road in America.”

On GetawayMavens.com, she helps couples reconnect with romantic weekend getaways. And on AlbanyKid.com, the educational family travel blog, she shows families how to have fun while learning.

Her editorial photography can be found on a variety of stock sites including Alamy, Shutterstock, and Adobe.

Originally from the Caribbean, with family homes still in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands, she is based in Albany, New York.

Sandra Foyt is based in Albany, NY. She serves the Capital District region, and takes travel requests.


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