Heart. Soul. Purpose.

You only get one shot to make a first impression.

Remember when dressing for success meant high heeled pumps, pantyhose, and a navy suit, preferably worn with pearls? Today’s influencer might wear pajamas 90% of the time, but she stills need to partner with sponsors and connect with her audience.

“Personal Branding is not about pretending to be a perfect person. It’s about being real to the world with your flaws and fortes.” Bernard Kelvin Clive

What if you could hire someone to shadow you as you go about doing the things that matter to you, capturing natural photos in the moment that are both flattering and high quality? And what if you didn’t have to waste a single instant getting ALL the images you need for several months at a time?

“There’s a good chance that if you’re not controlling your personal brand, someone else is.” Erica Nicole

What if there was a specialist who could help you determine your brand themes, and who could build a photo shoot around your message? And what if you could trust that specialist to work with you on your terms:

  • Producing content that fits the style of your brand
  • Capturing authentic portraits that show the real you
  • Saving you time (30 minutes a day spent taking pics=175 hours a year)
  • Giving you all the photos, even the goofy ones (that you love!)
  • Making it easy so you don’t have to think about it, it just gets done
  • Delivering results on time, or faster

“A pro can help you with more than just lighting and lenses that exceed the quality of your standard iPhone. An experienced pro can help you with composition and visual storytelling.” Buddy Scalera

Well-composed photos that tell a story are a good starting point, but when it comes right down to it, people connect with images that capture an emotion. That’s the magic sauce that elevates photography, creating a bridge between storyteller and audience.

Let me get to know you and your story. Who is the real you? What is your message? How will you change the world? Get 3-months worth of knock-your-socks-off photos in one photo session, and let’s talk about making it a recurring affair.

Pearls or pajamas optional.

Can you see yourself here?


Ready To Get Started? It’s as easy as 1,2,3

    1. Shoot me an email at sandra@sandrafoyt.com.  I’ll answer your questions, and we’ll set up a time to meet in person or virtually.
    2. We’ll video chat to go over the details and to determine if we’re a good match.
    3. If we decide to follow through, we’ll schedule your first photo session and sign paperwork to make it official.